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Take Away menu


Served in a brioche bun (GF buns available) 6oz Burgers | 4oz Dogs | Gluten Free and All Beef (Don’t forget to ask about extra toppings)

The classic


With lettuce, red onion, tomato, gherkin & Arnolds own classic sauce

The Texas BBQ


With American cheese, smoked streaky bacon, onion rings and Arnolds classic BBQ sauce

The 12oz Arnold


A hunger-bursting double burger, double bacon and quadruple cheese. With lettuce, red onion, tomato, gherkin & Arnolds own classic sauce

Hot Dog

The 4oz Frank


An all Beef American hot dog with onions served in a brioche bun


BBQ Ribs

£9.95 / £13.95

A big or even bigger rack of the best BBQ Pork ribs in Hertfordshire

The Rib’wich


Our famous BBQ ribs, off the bone and crammed into a brioche bun


3 joint Jumbo wings


In either Arnolds BBQ or Arnolds nice n spicy sauce

The Memphis


A southern fried chicken fillet, topped with tomato lettuce and mayo. Served in a brioche bun

The Carolina


Grilled chicken breast topped with lettuce, red onion and mayo. Served in a brioche bun.


San Fran steak n cheese


A crusty white sub crammed with tender steak and melted cheese

Tampa Bay Tuna


Tuna, cheese, red onion, lettuce and mayo. Double stacked on white

Mississippi Meaty


Breaded chicken, smoked streaky bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo. Double stacked


Served in a brioche bun

The Classic Veg


A quarter pounder made from selected veg and potato, coated in breadcrumbs. Topped with American cheese, lettuce and mayo.

Hollywood Veg


Grilled halloumi, grilled peppers, tomato and chilli mayo


GF Fries


Sweet potato fries


Halloumi Fries


Mozzarella fingers


Onion Rings


Corn on cob





Homemade Dips


Blue Cheese | BBQ | Mayo | Salsa Sour Cream


Pepsi/ Diet Pepsi


Orange / Lemon Soda


Root Beer


Children’s Simply Fruity Juice Drinks


Apple | Orange | Strawberry | Apple | Blackcurrant



Vanilla | Milk Chocolate | Strawberry | Raspberry | Banana | Oreo (Please ask about our chocolate bar specials)


American Pancakes

£4.95 / £6.95

With maple syrup, strawberries & Blueberries or chocolate chip & chocolate sauce (Short / Tall stack)

Belgium Waffles

£4.95 / £6.95

Single or to share

Brooklyn Brownie (GF)


A chocolate brownie, served warm and gooey

Legend Ice Cream Sundaes


Sweet Strawberry Delicious | Chocolate Brownie Bonanza | Sharp Raspberry Delight | Very Berry mega mix

Ice Cream Cones and Tubs


(Collection Only)